Philosophy of DayCare

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Both directors of the corporation, “Kinder Kollege Daycare Services Ltd” are qualified Daycare supervisor (Level III) day home service provider. They have also worked in an accredited daycare for at least five years.  Initially they will be providing services to the children and as the number of children increases, new staff will be hired according to various categories of the children (Staff/ Children ratio). All staff hired will meet Alberta Childcare employment standards with professional certification. Their police verification and children vulnerability will also be required.

Pay Period

All staff hired on regular basis will be paid in accordance with Alberta Labour law on monthly basis and will be paid on the last day of every month. Daily wages staff will be paid on 5th of every month for the work cut out date of last day of month.

Alberta Enhancement Pay

Alberta enhancement pay will be paid to staff after the receipt from government and added up in the current pay period. All pay will be entitled to usual deductions like Canada Pension Plan (CPP), Employment Insurance (EI) and Income tax (Federal and Alberta) and their deductions will be submitted to CRA along with employer portion of contribution.

Vacation Pay and Sick Leave

Staff will be entitled for two weeks (Ten working Days) paid vacation for one year of service and will be paid on pro rata basis if anyone quits during the year.  Neither encashment nor carried forward of vacation pay will be allowed. Daily wages staff will be paid vacation pay @4% of gross pay in their pay cheques.

Ten working days will be entitled for year or pro rata of period will be allowed with full pay. Over and above availed will be treated as without pay. Alberta Enhancement pay will not be paid during vacation and sick leave period.

Equal Employment Opportunity

Kinder Kollege Daycare Services is committed to provide equal employment opportunity for all qualified staff hired irrespective of religion, faith, race and colour.

Volunteers and Apprenticeship

Kinder Kollege Daycare Services Ltd will provide opportunity for volunteers and provide spot for apprenticeship through requesting college.

 Termination of Staff

Alberta Labour laws will be followed as guideline to regulate employment.

Equipment's and Facilities

Director will introduce latest concepts and practices of daycare service industry by providing innovative programs, toys, light table, mirror table, loft, textured fabrics, wooden materials and facilities for better development of childhood.

Open Door Policy


Kinder Kollege Daycare has an open door policy. This means that any time of the day, you as a parent or guardian of the child, are always welcomed to call anytime if you are concerned about how your child’s day is going. Staffs are more than willing to address any concerns and inform you of your child’s well-being. We also encourage your feedback and suggestions. Thus, we have a suggestion box at the front door of our morning greeting room where you can provide us with your thoughts and opinions.

Staff Break 

Staff will be allowed to have an hour lunch break. They are expected back to work on time.


 Governing Body

Daycare program will be managed through a governing board comprises on Two directors of the Kinder Kollege Daycare Services Ltd and two independent members from the community. Criteria for these two independent members selection will be finalized shortly. This board will keep an effective communication with the community and parents of the children and seeking assistance and guidance to further improve delivery of daycare services.

Equipment's and Facilities

Director will introduce latest concepts and practices of daycare service industry by providing innovative programs, toys, light table, mirror table, loft, textured fabrics, wooden materials and facilities for better development of childhood.

Staff Break

Staff will be allowed to have an hour lunch break. They are expected back to work on time.

Operation Hours

Daycare working hours will be from 7.00 AM to 05.30 PM.    Time saver for Alberta childcare will be used for children and staff. Their time- in and time -out will be recorded on Time Saver.

Clothing and Name Tags for Staff.

Neat and clean dress including jeans will be acceptable. Short dresses, flip-flop will not be allowed. Strong perfume will be avoided for allergies.  Nametags will be given to each staff for their recognition with children parents and amongst the staff as well.


We serve one hot lunch and three snacks in a day accordingly to the guidelines of Canada Food Guide. This will provide a balance and nutritional diet that is essential for child growth.

Children will be asked to bring healthy snacks for lunch (e.g. fruit yogurt, raw vegetable etc.) that they can eat after main dish at the daycare. Menus will be posted at entrance for parent information.

Parking Stall for Staff

Lot of spaces are available in the commercial strip mall. We will instruct staff not to park in front of office as these spots will be used for pick and drop of children.

Parent Involvement

Parents from different cultural back ground are encourage collecting cultural materials that can give comfort to their kids and establishing a connection with children from different background and giving them experience to explore the world.

Each month breakfast will be organized so that child development, habit and change of habit will be discussed with parents

Security and Key Controls

Main door will be locked at 9.30 am after kids’ arrival for the security of kids and staff. 

Keys will be assigned to all employees for opening and closing shifts. Keys are security keys and cannot be made duplicate or loaned to people without proper authorization.


Personal Records

A complete personal record will be maintained by the director. Personal files shall include at least the following information;

1.    Emergency contact information,

2.    Daycare certification,

3.    Reference letter,

4.    Children intervention check

5.    First aid certification,

6.    Criminal record check including vulnerable sector search,

7.    Prior to the date of application and every three years after that date.


Staff Positions and Responsibilities

Each room will have at least one daycare supervisor. Both the assigned teachers will work together creating the perfect environment for the child.

Along with the assisting the children, it will be the teacher responsibility to plan activities and keep the room organized and tidy. The teachers will also be expected to split activity fairly within the children to avoid potential conflict. This will include taking turns for circle time, art/ crafts and sensory activities. 


Subsidized rates are available based on the eligibility criteria set by the provincial government. Children are supposed to attend at least one hundred hours per month to get full subsidy. Parents are responsible to pay the difference in case of losing the subsidy.

Clothing for Children

Please make sure that you are bringing your child in comfortable clothing and not too fancy as we are having of messy activities in our daycare. Clothing should be appropriated according to weather. Please bring extra pair of clothes for any incident and label them with your child name.

Sick Policy

If the staff sees any symptoms of an illness that could possibly be contagious and health hazard to other children, the Director will be notified. It is then the director’s responsibility to contact parents as soon as possible.

Signs or symptoms of illness include:

      Fever over 38 degree Celsius


      Inability co-operate with the activates in the daycare

      Energy being low

      Pink eye

      Known or suspected contagious illness, e.g. fifth disease, mumps, measles and chicken pox

      Unexplained rash or cough

      Severe headache, body pain, stomach pain, stiff neck, sore throat or any other condition that requires additional medical care



Parents are asked to keep the kid away for 24 hours or bring back a doctors notice informing the daycare that the child is not contagious.

More About Us


At Kinder Kollege our mission is to provide a safe, stimulating and developmentally appropriate environment for preschool children.  We are committed to offering the highest quality childcare in a welcoming and playful environment that encourages individual development while being respectful of others.


  • To provide a nurturing environment
  • To provide convenient, safe and dependable childcare services in a healthy, positive and relaxed environment
  • To create a childcare setting encouraging social, mental and physical development
  • To remain at the forefront of early childhood education while relying on the well-trained, happy and competent care of our staff.
  • To meet the needs of each child while embracing the diversity of cultures and children that are part of Kinder Kollege.
  • To provide a preschool program that prepares the children for a lifetime of learning
We care about your dearest